Our producers have a passion for wine that is evident in the wine we produce. Along with the passion we have for the wines in the UK, its a easy fit to work with some great wineries around the world.


  • Representing all the characteristics of the Bordeaux terroir, GRM offers authentic, generous wines that are produced in the purest Bordeaux tradition. Our penologists are particularly exacting in all aspects of the production of these wines, from the technical specifications to the selection of the plots. The blending stage is the key to the success of these wines, enabling all consumer profiles to be satisfied, from amateur to expert, with wines of irreproachable quality.

  • With over 900 hectares and over 10 million litres in capacity, Indomita is the most representative winery of the Casablanca Valley.  Their wines originate both in the Maipo for reds and Casablanca Valley for whites.

    With high-tech facilities and excellent production facilities through the head winemaker, Indomita have the capacity to produce varietal wines up to and including ultra premium.  It is also combined with their storage facility of over 2,500 french oak barrels that add to the ageing of all their best wines.

  • Marques del Atrio are a family run business in its 5th generation. Dating back to the 19th century, they are one of the original Rioja producers and in 1965 they started bottling their own wines for the domestic market. Today Marques del Atrio is one of the fastest growing Rioja producers and have well established contracts through Europe with the grow very evident in the UK. They now have 4 wineries in Spain; 2 in Rioja, 1 in Navarra, and 1 in Utiel Requena.

  • Devoted to maintaining its leadership in the category of great wines and thus keep an international achknowledgement, San Huberto Wineries has a professional way to fulfill the type of consumer who looks for good quality wines.

    The wineries in Mendoza, La Rioja and China are all dedicated to producing good quality wines that can be enjoyed all around the world.